2016 NBA Re-Draft: Where Does Spurs’ Jakob Poeltl Go?

2016 NBA Re-Draft: Where Does Spurs' Jakob Poeltl Go?
Written by highergroundintl

After originally being selected by the Toronto Raptors with the No. 1 9 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Jakob Poeltl was traded to the San Antonio Spurs with DeMar DeRozan in exchange for Kawhi Leonard.

The move proved to be a massive success for the Raptors, even if the arrangement with Leonard lasted one season. Toronto managed to defy the odds by successfully winning a championship with Leonard offering incredible production.

Leonard ultimately opted to depart from the Raptors the following offseason to team up with Paul George on the L.A. Clippers. Meanwhile, Poeltl remains a member of the San Antonio Spurs and is coming off a strong 2021-22 campaign.


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